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There are a number of Virtual Worlds on the internet, but when there is a Disney Virtual World, you know it's safe and fun. Disney has always been synonymous with Family Fun, so when they start a Disney Virtual World you know it will be a family safe place online, with an unwavering commitment to creativity and safety. It is a safe place for your child to play and interact with other 'Avatar Penguin' friends. With live moderators and filtered chat, Club Penguin offers unparalleled safe fun for kids and peace of mind for parents.

The best part is that it is free to play games, chat with your friends and explore their snow covered Virtual World.

There are of course many special features that will enhance your child’s safe online experience, and for only $5 a month it is the bargin of the century.

One of the most used features lets the parent set specific times that your child can log in and play between, as well as being able to set the amount of total time they can play.

You will also like the idea that
Club Penguin.com is an ad-free site.

Get 4 months of Club Penguin membership Free

Safe online games for Kids by Disney. Explore Club Penguin today.

A paid membership for your child, at only $5 a month, lets them enjoy a safe and fun online entertainment experience that includes games, events, and unique activities with something new introduced every week. Following is the basic list of items that are included in your Disney Virtual World membership;

  1. Play the mini games
  2. Access all mini game levels
  3. Play card-Jitsu
  4. Become a Ninja
  5. Play Card-Jitsu fire and water
  6. Become a Fire Ninja
  7. Become a Water Ninja
  8. Become an elite agent
  9. Earn Elite and Special Agent medals
  10. Explore the World
  11. No 3rd party advertising
  12. 24/7 moderated environment
  13. Chat with fellow avatars
  14. Receive 500 bonus coins on signup
  15. Send postcards to fellow avatars
  16. Buy colors for your penguin
  17. Receive free party items
  18. Priority access to rooms and servers
  19. Unlimited access to exclusive party features
  20. Access special members only area
  21. Buy clothing for your penguin
  22. Adopt your own pet puffle
  23. Adopt any other color puffle
  24. Adopt up to 20 pet puffles
  25. Feed and care for your pet puffles
  26. Decorate your own igloo
  27. Buy different igloos to decorate
  28. Get furniture items for your igloo
  29. Get interactive items for your pet puffles.
  30. Choose background music for your igloo
  31. Host parties and events in your igloo.

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