Monday Night Football,
Are you ready for some football?

Monday night football is not really a family game, it’s a family gathering! Football is the most watched sport on television today, culminating with the Super Bowl which is the biggest ticket on TV. Monday night football is also one of the longest running prime time network shows ever. In the short 41 years there have been 730 games televised.

The NFL team with the most appearances on Monday night is the Miami Dolphins.

The most common Monday Night pairings have been Denver and Oakland, and Dallas and Washington.

Over the years these pairings have pitted bitter rivals, but maybe not so much anymore.

It's hard to beat a Steeler, Raven Monday Night Match-up!

Ironically, Marlboro Cigarettes was the first sponsor for MNF. The Seattle Seahawks have the most shutouts on MNF with five. John Madden holds the highest winning percentage as a coach on Monday Night football, .74%.

Monday Night Football scoring records of note;

1. Most Points 59 points, 11/15/10, Eagles vs. Redskins
2. Most One sided Game, 45 points, 12/19/05, Baltimore over Green Bay
3. Highest Scoring Game 95 Points, 10/17/83, Green Bay nips Washington by 1 point
4. Lowest Scoring Game 3 points, 11/26/07, Steelers over Miami
5. Closest Game tie, 11/01/71, Lions vs. Packers, (before OT)

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Who can forget the infamous Howard Cosell? He was a good announcer that said what was on his mind. His two partners were a lot better liked, Dandy Don Meredith and Frank Gifford. There have sure been a host of announcers since those three. My favorite play-by-play has been Al Michaels, who was replaced by another good one, Mike Tirico.

In recent years there have been some Thursday nights, and Saturday nights also used for some key games but televised under the banner of MNF, Thursday edition, etc.

Now every Sunday night also has an NFL game televised which is great if you are a football fan. The Thursday night games are usually only televised over the NFL cable channel, so that is only viewed by a handful of people.

So whoever you are rooting for, whoever your favorite team is, gather together with some good home cooked ‘football food’ and have a fun family night. If you do not have a favorite team yet, jump on the Steeler bandwagon and ride them to the playoffs.

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