Family Board Games
for Family Night Fun

Family Night Fun

Family Board games are an excellent way to bring the family together once or twice a week for some quality fun time

There are many that are a fairly balanced challenge for both kids and parents alike. 

The Classic board game Monopoly is just one of those popular older games, so popular that they even play it at McDonalds.

New Puzzles

Board games are also a great gift idea for any age. With the huge variety to choose from it makes it easier to match the right game with the specific interest or age. They are the perfect solution for indoor games, on those bad weather days.

Beyond the entertainment value of board games, they also help children learn how to take turns, how to follow the rules, how to accept loss when they can’t win ALL the time, and how to pick up afterwards.

Most important is the interaction that you have when you are playing board games with family or friends.

When you play board games with a computer program, you limit the number of players, usually just two can play. If you play Board Games online, you usually end up playing against a computer program player, or you can also find sites where you can play a live opponent.

In most board games, the thinking is that the randomness of luck plays an important role in the outcome. Most board games for children are set up that way, random luck. When you get into games that require decisions throughout the game, the element of luck is aided by the component of skill. When a more skilled player has past game knowledge, with the ability to see the consequences of a move prior to making it, his experience can overcome a few unlucky rolls of the dice.

So for family board games, try to have some of those totally random, lucky games that are equally, fair for all, but when mom and dad are playing with the neighbors, they should have more games on hand that call for strategy and thinking.


is another one of those 'old' favorites, and is played with two, three or four players. You always want to have a dictionary close by though to make sure someone isn’t inventing a new word! Scrabble also has many different ways to play the game, the traditional board game, with many different versions, Scrabble cards, Scrabble touch screen, Scrabble keychain, Baseball Scrabble, a Scrabble Cube, Scrabble Express and a Scrabble Spanish version.

The Wheel of Fortune

, with Pat and Vanna, just might have become the favorite word game over the past few years. How many times do you catch yourself playing along while it is on TV? With the Wheel of Fortune board game you have the same excitement whenever you want. Spin the wheel, choose a letter and see how far you'll go in this exciting 3rd edition of the home version. With the many newer versions out you are sure to find one that will provide great family fun for years.


teaches color recognition and matching, and kids love to compete with mom and dad on this one.

Chutes and Ladders

teaches counting and number recognition. A good starting game for kids who are still learning how to take turns. A game of rewards and consequences.

Connect 4

is a totally fun game where a five year old child has just as much of a chance as their grandpa does.

Trivial Pursuit

,for that trivia buff who likes to show off how smart they are, can be played with two to six players. A game where you have to answer some trivia questions to move through the six categories. There are countless versions and editions of Trivial Pursuit, keep a couple versions on hand for family enjoyment.


, the classic game of making and spending money. Household finances have never been this much fun. As you move through the calendar game board you will find that something happens every single day! Sort of like real life. The game lasts as many months as you want to play through, earning and spending along the way. When done pay off all of your remaining bills and count what you have left over, the winner is the one with the most cash after bills.

Battle Ship

is a very challenging game for all ages. Find and sink your opponent’s ships before he does the same to your ships. This popular family game requires a lot of strategy and luck.


is the classic marble race game. The object is to move your four marbles around the board first, choosing along the way whether to aggravate another player, before they might aggravate you, or to try and take a short cut, which will increase your chances of being aggravated. The race is on.

Rory's Story Cubes

, a unique game that will let the creative minds run wild. Play solitaire or with up to 8. It is an excellent party game or ice-breaker, story generator and a good mental workout.

Game of Life

Take a spin to face all that Life has to offer in this popular game.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

The classic game of search and find, for indoor or outdoors. It will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Redneck Life Game

Roll two dice to determine how far you made it in school, which will determine what kind of a job you will end up with. Than you proceed through your red neck life, with the winner being the one with the most teeth at the end.


, Played with a pair of tiny tweezers and a very steady hand, the ‘doctor’ that removes the most ailments without setting off the buzzer wins the game. You might just get one of the kids interested in med school.


, family fun is loaded with hilarious activities. Everyone will have an opportunity to shine as they perform crazy, wacky activities. Many of the acts require to work together to get accomplished. This is truly a laugh-out-loud family fun game.

Checkers & Checkerboard

Can't count the number of times I've enjoyed a friendly game of checkers. Although, when you are playing against a sibling, they are fierce competition.

No Stress Chess

, A brilliant way to learn the game of chess without the stress.

12" 3-in-1 Combination Game Set - Chess, Checkers & Chinese Checkers

Do you like Chess, or maybe that quick game of Checkers, oh, but Chinese Checkers is such a fun challenge! Solve that delimma with this 3 in 1 value.

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