Mom’s Bunco Night

A Fun Night with the Girls

Bunco Night gives Mom a night off from her never ending home job.  A fun game night with the girls a couple of nights a month spells relief.

Although, more and more Bunco has become a great couple’s game.

The way players move from table to table after each game creates a socially entertaining, fun evening for six couples.

Good thing is, Bunco is really easy to learn and fun to play.

Bunco night is an easy event to get lined up. The popularity of the game ensures you will have quite a few that will want to be there. You would like to have twelve players, a few more wouldn’t hurt. If you organize it as a once a month event, you will get plenty of players to put on the list.

Once you have your group and are enjoying your first Bunco Night, you can all discuss the date and place of the next Bunco Party.

The fun and excitement of the night will have your guests asking about the next one.

Ladies Bunco Night

As far as snacks and refreshments are concerned, if the Bunco party is going to change from house to house each time you play, than the expense will equal out with each person hosting once or twice per year.

For those of you, who do not know every detail of the Game of Bunco, please visit the World Bunco Association Website, for their Official Bunco Rules. Their website not only has the official rules, they also go over prizes, the supplies you’ll need, how to start a club and how to organize a party. 

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