Family Movie Night is back.

Do you remember family movie night? Remember when you could load the whole family up once a week and take in a good movie, along with that good buttered popcorn? At today’s movie prices though, maybe once a month!

We can still have a fun movie night even with high theater prices; just have your movie night at home!

Movie Streaming makes it very easy and inexpensive.

Video rental stores are one good way to eliminate high movie prices. Netflix is one of the leaders along with those Red Boxes that set in front of most stores today. Anytime you can rent a recent movie for $1 to $4 dollars, it is a victory. Tonight, why not have a Movie Marathon and try one of our Movie Trivia Games, during the break.

But now, the technology that is fast replacing movie theaters and movie rentals is movie streaming. All you have to do is make sure you have popcorn on hand.

There are many options when it comes to streaming movies. I don’t care much for streaming them to a PC, I much prefer directly to my TV.

Most of the cable companies today offer movie streaming which is convenient. If you don’t happen to be a cable customer you can stream through a DVR player, Wii unit, Ps3 or Xbox.

It is becoming easier with each new gadget that comes on the market. We bought a Roku Box through Amazon that allows you to instantly stream tons of entertainment to your TV.

Here are some Family movie night ideas;

1. Make it an event, make it fun, make it something to look forward to each week.
2. Pick a night that works for everyone and then keep it that night each week.
3. Same with the start time, be consistent, same time each week.
4. Don’t allow phone’s to interrupt family movie night.
5. Trade off each week for who gets to pick next week’s movie.
6. A lighter dinner menu for this night, save room for those concession stand goodies.
7. If the kids pick a Disney type movie consider some theme decorations.

Just decide as a family what night of the week works best and then just make it happen. The kids will love it, if you are kid-less, your spouse will love it. A night of good entertainment for pennies.

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