Money and Time Problems

Money & Time Problems

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Game 1, Learning About Money.
Game 2, Add up the Broken Piggy Banks.
Game 3, Add up the groups of money.
Game 4,Learning to Tell Time
Game 5, Two sheets of blanks clocks to draw the hands on.

Add up the Money
from each of the broken piggybanks

Add up the five
groups of Money
Money & Time Games

Three fun money adding games and two pages of 'What time is it" clocks. It is never to soon to teach the value of money or the importants of time.

Our games are all kid tested and guaranteed to please.

AND, They are always a Great Value

Learning to
tell the time.

Draw the Hands
For each clock.
Learning to Tell Time

The cover page explains the hands of the clock, and there are two pages of practice clocks, one with a time listed to draw the hands for, and one to draw thae hands and than write in the time that it indicates.

Our games are all kid tested and guaranteed to please.

AND, They are always a Great Value

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