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A New Year’s Party is a great way to welcome in the New Year. Or, are we partying to bid farewell to last year?

Either way New Year’s Eve is usually the biggest party night in the country.
It truly is a time for celebrating your achievements of the past year, and to give thought to some resolutions to improve something for the year ahead.

Resolutions are usually made during New Years with the thinking that the New Year can be viewed as a new beginning, a chance to change a bad habit or to set a new goal. The number one resolution usually centers on taking better care of yourself. Item’s such as weight loss, diet, eating the right foods, quit smoking, drink less, all things that will improve your health and help you feel better and live longer. Another top resolution each year focuses on finances, manage/reducing debt load.

If you do come up with a New Year’s resolution, make one that is manageable and measureable throughout the year. Nothing makes a person feel better than to achieve a goal. So make a yearly goal to shoot for, but make some sub-goals along the way to measure how you are progressing. As you come up to those benchmarks along the way, if you are on target, it will propel you onward.

I don’t want to rain on your parade here but in recent studies it has been found that only about 12% of people surveyed actually achieve their New Year’s goals. So, set bite sized goals that you can feel good about and that you can actually achieve incrementally throughout the year. Be one of those 12% that succeed.

If you are going to be one of the millions that do have a New Year’s Eve party, we have some fun games here that can help keep you awake until the Crystal Ball drops.

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