A Think Fast Game
Part of a Nine Game Package

The Quick Thinking, Think Fast Game is part of our Best Value Game Pack. You get a total of nine games that will entertain any kids party for hours. You will be able to print as many of each game as you like.

Think Fast Game
A 9 Game Fun-Pack

Price $4.99

Also included in this 9 Game Value Pack are the following eight Games;

1. Counting the Money,
2. A Fun Maze,
3. Alphabetizing some Words,
4. Unscramble some words,
5. Matching the Numbers with the Spelling,
6. Two fun dot games,
7. Nursery Rhyme Code
8. Letter and Number code

A 5 Minute, Fun
Fast Thinking Game

Count and Total
Each Money Group

A Fun,
Easy Maze

Arrange the words
in Alphabetical Order

Unscramble The
Disney Names

Match Numbers and
their Number Words

Two Fun
Dot Games

Nursery Rhyme
Coded Message

Letters & Numbers
Coded Message
That's Nine Fun Games that will
keep the kids playing
for hours.

Our games are all kid tested and guaranteed to please.

AND, They are always a Great Value

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