Word Puzzles and Mazes
and Practice Worksheets

Word puzzles and Mazes make for some fun and challenging family time. Many of our word search games are meant for all ages, not too difficult and not to easy, just right! You will find the words going in all directions, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even backwards.

A good tip on locating any word is to always start by looking for the first two letters. From that point just keep adding letters until you uncover the whole word. It seems to make the solution easier to see.

Mazes are fascinating puzzles that have intrigued people way back to the times of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Today, mazes are fun, challenging, educational, and entertaining. They promote problem solving skills and keep the mind working. They can be made very easy for the younger crowd, or they can become very intricate and detailed for the more seasoned mind.

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