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These adult games are not that much different than children games. Adult party games are just for having fun when friends get together.

So, these adult games are totally safe for all ages, just geared more towards grown-ups. Including our Fun Trivia Games, for all ages.

A Good collection of trivia games will help keep your party lively, fun and energized.

Start with a fast paced, quick thinking game to get a good start; that will get everyone out of their comfort zone, and involved and introduced.

Instant Fun, Just Print and Play.

Listed Below are some fun adult Games

Two Truths and a Lie

Since we raise our children to not tell lies, this has to go in the adult games section. :-)
This game is an excellent ice breaker, a great way to get everyone at the party involved and having fun. You will get to know a little about each person with this game. The information that you give out in two truths and a lie varies greatly on whether you are playing with friends or people that you don’t know very well. Each person should write down their three things about themselves, two being true and one false. As each person reads their three items, the others will guess which the lie is. The winner is the guest that chooses the most correct ‘lies’.

Dice Poker

If you are setting around with your buddies and want to play poker but only have dice, they will work. With a regular set of five dice you can come up with five of a kind, four of a kind, full house, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair, or no pair, high dice wins. So, all of the combinations are there except for the flush. The first player rolls the five dice and can keep any of those and re-roll the remainder. He can repeat that process one more time if needed. The first player has the option to roll up to three times to end up with his final hand. If he rolls a pat hand on his initial roll than the rest of the players only get one roll also. Each player makes note of their final hand before passing the dice to the next player. 

Holiday Sweater Party

The Holiday Season is the best time of the year for parties! If there aren’t enough parties lined up for you this year, come up with a new one. Try a sweater party, this time of year is sweater weather. And women love to show off their colorful Holiday Sweaters. You could have a ‘best holiday sweater’ contest and a ‘most obnoxious holiday’ sweater contest. All in good holiday fun.

Indoor Golf

Playing a friendly game of golf indoors might not be quite the same as the real thing, but when it is snowing, try this game of golf with dice. Make out you scorecard with the names of each player, and number down the side of the card, 1 thru 18 and a place for total score. You could even make two more lines for a front nine score and a back nine score. Than in turn each player rolls the dice. To complete a hole you need to roll a double of a number. Any two of any number will complete your roll and score for that hole. So, you roll 2, 5 3, roll again, 6, 1, 4, roll again, 2, 5, 2, you would put down a three for that hole and pass the dice to the next player. You score for any hole is the number of rolls it takes you to roll a double. So you could have quite a few ‘holes-in-one’ if you are lucky enough to roll doubles a lot. You could have a front nine winner, a back nine winner and an over-all winner.

Ship, Captain, Crew

This game is played with five dice. Each player in turn gets three rolls. The object of the game is to roll a four, five, and six, ship captain and crew. Once you have your ship captain and crew, the other two dice are your points. So a four, five, six with two other sixes for points, and you would have a good lock on that pot.

Rebus Word Games are always a challenge.

Mil1lion……one in a million.
Chetongueek……Tongue in cheek.
Splostace.......Lost in Space
R|e|a|d|i|n|g|.....Reading between the lines
Ecnalg………Backward Glance
Woobeards.........bear in the woods
VA DERS………Space invaders.
League........Little League
Job in job……In-between Jobs.

These are also easily made with the use of pictures.

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