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My husband Ron has always been intrigued by the amazing power of the computer, but like most, you just don't understand how it all works. He even took a computer programming course many years ago, but ended up in the retail world instead.

After he retired, his fascination with computers put him on a quest to create a website. That was quite an ambitious project for a non-computer person. The desire to learn this techy stuff kept driving him to accomplish his goal.

What he found was that there are many programs to create a website out there that will let you build a free website, or blog. Most free websites and blogs though do have limits on pages, which are usually a very minimum unless you upgrade to the “gold account”. Blogs are nice, both Google Blogger and Wordpress are good programs, but a blog is something that usually needs very frequent attention. There are many other programs that are too numerous to list here. But, if you do your due diligence, you will not find a better value than SBI.

In his search for the right program to work with he found Site Build It, SBI. In his research of SBI he discovered the amazing, unmatched proof of success for SBI site owners. (62% of all SBI sites rank in the top 3% of all sites on the web!) He happened to discover SBI about the same time they were running the promotion about, “Why Build just a Web Site or Blog? Build A Web Business”. Their costs, along with the available tools that they offer free with the service, he could not pass up. So we put our heads together to come up with the topic of our website, and the rest of the story lies within these pages.

I would be a little remiss though, if I didn’t share some detail about all the perks that are offered at SBI. So, if you know of anyone who is looking for a web presence, any business that would like a website, any work-at-home mom who would like to contribute some extra income or maybe a retired person who is looking for a way to pay all of those new taxes that are coming our way, let them know about SBI.

With SBI you get much more than a website builder, you get all of the tools that you will need to build a successful, multi-page website. Now I could go on and on and tell about all that is included, but it would be best if you took a look. I have completely built this 83 page website that is getting a fair share of traffic after only three months, and I didn’t have to pay for anything outside of this program to complete this project and get it online. Even the domain name and hosting is completely paid for.

The videos below are some additional facts from the founder and some happy site owners.

Each graphic and link on the right side of this page will take you to a different area or feature of SBI.

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