Travel Games to Ease
the Pain on Long Trips

When you take travel games with you on a long car trip you won’t hear, “Are we there yet”? Trivia games are fun to play, they keep the young ones entertained, and they break the monotony of the constant driving.

The easiest way to take games on a trip with you is to take along the magnetic type games. If you are the only parent on this car trip, these will help a tremendous amount in keeping the children occupied. What a life saver they are. There is a magnetic version of most of the popular games. They even work great for a long flight.

Travel Games for Airplanes

take a couple on your next plane trip

Travel Games are not only for car travel. How much time do you set waiting for your flight, or what about the time setting while in flight!

Keep entertained with a couple of challenging trivia games. They are fun and entertaining. 

We have games for all categories and age levels and you don't have to wait for them in the mail, access immediately.

For some entertainment without expense, there a few games that are popular with a range of ages. The alphabet game is the favorite, everyone in the car can play, even the driver. You start with the letter A and the first person that sees the letter in a sign, a building name, a car name, any word that can be seen with that letter in it, that person gets the point. You go through all 26 letters in the alphabet and the one with the most wins the game.

It is a slow moving game if you are traveling down the interstate but if you are going through towns and cities along the way that usually runs through the alphabet fairly fast. Another version of that alphabet game is to find items that have each letter in their name, such as apple tree for A, a boat for B and so on.

If you are traveling down the interstate going thru big cities, the license plate game is also fun to keep everyone busy. You just try to see who can see the most different state license plates during the course of your trip.

One of the best travel games though is before you start every member of the family puts their name on a small piece of duct tape and you stick them on the side of one of the tires. Than whenever you stop for anything you see which piece of duct tape is closest to the top, and that lucky person wins.

The Opposite Game, The whistling Game, The Rhyming Game

When I give my grandkids a ride to the babysitter each day they always seem to amaze me with what they know, at only 3 and 5. One game they like is the opposite game, where papa says a word and they answer with the opposite of the word. I always think to myself, keep it simple, but as fast as I can fire the words out they come right back with a great ‘opposite’ response. The words are endless, and the opposite responses are quick and usually right on.

We also play a game where I whistle a tune of a song that they are familiar with, and they will tell me what song it is. When I whistle, ‘in tune’, they always seem to come up with the song quickly.

Last but not least, the rhyming game. I have to say a word and they have to give me a word that rhymes with it. When I keep the words at their age level or what they are familiar with, they can always come up with a good rhyming word. Although, I do have the same rules that they use in scrabble, if they make up a word and can’t tell me what it means, it doesn’t count. The rhyming game is their favorite game to play.

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